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What’s the guarantee on an iPhone from Costco

Posted 16th Jan 2023
I’m looking to buy a iPhone from COSTCO. Anyone know what the guarantee is on these. Is it the standard 1 year or 2 years
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    Standard Apple 1 year limited warranty. Costco don't extend the coverage for mobile phones.
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    1 year warranty from manufacturer.
    Up to six years to file legal guarantee premature failure claim against the merchant, unless you live in Scotland.

    Unlikely the replicated merchant obligations provided by CCA S75 would apply to a purchase from this merchant if the transaction is via any membership that is not "Individual" or "Online Sub" i.e. b2b would exempt.
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    FYI, John Lewis do a 2 year guarantee
    Thanks ordered one from John Lewis with 2 year guarantee 
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    Got some AirPods for my son from Costco and the warranty start date for them seems to be a few months prior to the actual purchase date. Only notified this as one was humming so my son took it back to an Apple Store and they mentioned the warranty start date.

    Seems like Costco must registering them when they arrive which starts the warranty before they are sold? (edited)
    Same on Dell laptops that I have bought from Amazon
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