What's the latest with iXtreme firmware for Xbox 360s?

    Apologies if this is outside of the rules (don't see why it would be if FS/FT allows flashed consoles to be listed..)

    I was wondering what the general consensus is at the moment with regards to the best iXtreme firmware to have on your 360? Reason I ask is because I saw a wanted thread on FS/FT today and the OP wanted iXtreme 1.4 on the drive. Is this the way people are going for the time being?

    I'm currently using 1.6 + the activate.iso disc when needed and recommend that when people ask me what to use, but are people rolling back to 1.4 whilst 1.6.2 is in development?

    I'd like this thread to stay within the rules if possible, so could people please keep any posts regarding pirate games out? I just wanna discuss the firmware side of things.


    1.61 below isn't Xbox Live safe, it's the matter of waiting for LT firmware to come out.

    A lot of people are going back to older versions of ixtreme, but according to the new updates by the people that make the firmware, all ixtreme versions are detectable apart from the LiteTouch version that is in development.…gle

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    Will probably just stick with 1.6 then (might upgrade to 1.61 as it's out for LiteOn now) but will stay off Live!

    I only play originals online but would be wary of playing online at all in light of TeamJungle's latest 'tweet'... Is it known if Microsoft scan the drive's firmware or just the disc? If they scan the disc then maybe I'd be OK playing my original MW2 with iXtreme 1.6 on the drive....?

    you might as well upgrade, no need for activate.iso.
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