What's the most effective way to complain to Currys?

Posted 21st Dec 2019
I bought a TV online from Currys early on 13 Dec. I selected delivery on 19 Dec and I was sent a 14.05-18.05 delivery window the evening before. All good so far.

At 18.00 on 19th they called to say delivery would be 21st, not 19th. It was the driver or someone else from the delivery team who called. He was not able to discuss alternative delivery times, just tell me that it would be "sometime on the 21st"

I called the customer service line but hung up after 20 mins fruitlessly on hold. I tweeted to @TeamKnowhowUK and @curryspcworld at around 19.00 then near midnight and again on the morning of 20th. I eventually got into a twitter direct message chat. I asked for delivery on 20th, or morning of 21st. There were long gaps in the chat during which I got a text saying delivery would be afternoon of 21st (which I had said I couldn't make). Then they told me they tried to reschedule for 21st in the morning but couldn't because it had already been scheduled.

Pretty irritated by the whole affair. Would badly like some recompense for the hassle. What is the best way of complaining to CurrysPCWorld? I can't see how to communicate with anyone more senior than the folk on the other end of @TeamKnowhowUK on Twitter. Any inspiration or advice welcome. Written as I sit hopefully at home waiting for the rescheduled delivery.

Thanks in advance.

PS I only bought from Currys because I had some vouchers I had to use.
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A Dirty Protest in the middle of the shop
Curry’s is becoming a joke shop
Curry’s is becoming a joke shop
A Dirty Protest in the middle of the shop
But it somewhere else - refuse delivery from Currys (preferably be out several times) . Get refund. They breached the contract. You do have copies of all conversations, don't you?
Asking for the manager and shouting at them
Tuxthepug21/12/2019 11:31

Curry’s is becoming a joke shop

It always has been.
I feel for you. Flaming annoying.
In law, you cannot expect any recompense and Currys know that so any angry complaints are likely to be fruitless.
Its odd I know but there has not been any contract made until delivery has been made and therefore there has, as such, not been a breach of contract.
Of course, you have until 14 days after delivery to change your mind and return for full refund. It just might be helpful to get some form of vouchers if you were to casually mention that this was a possibility you were contemplating.
Norseg21/12/2019 11:57

Asking for the manager and shouting at them

As en ex retail employee. This is the worst possible thing you can do. That makes the manager not want to help you at all.
In my experience, you’re best off finding a well, leaning towards it and yelling at the top of your voice.

We had issues last year with a fridge delivery. Took weeks to finally get it sorted (fortunately, we weren’t desperate for it). It ended when they sent a second fridge which spent an afternoon getting rained on in our garden when the delivery driver said he HAD TO deliver it because it’d be in the way of his other delivery’s if he took it. I told him to crack on but I wasn’t signing for it. Several hours later, another van turned up to collect it but I said they weren’t allowed on my property until they compensated me for time wasted previously. Half price Smeg fridge.
MonkeyMan9021/12/2019 12:50

As en ex retail employee. This is the worst possible thing you can do. …As en ex retail employee. This is the worst possible thing you can do. That makes the manager not want to help you at all.

But I am Karen and I'll like to speak to your manager
Tele has arrived and is great (ironically it was delivered earlier than initially promised but they did give me 90 minutes warning of the new delivery window). I had asked in the Twitter chat with @TeamKnowhowUK for a gesture of recompense for hassle and wasted time. Once successful delivery had been confirmed, unprompted, I was promised a £50 refund as a 'gesture of goodwill' with payment 'to be arranged by finance in the next 2 weeks'. Assuming payment comes through, I am satisfied that this is a reasonable conclusion. Thanks all for your comments.
Never buy from Curry's as once burnt never go back
make sure you keep a note of who you spoke to and DONT be fobbed off with a credit voucher.
Email CEO
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