Whats the PC part called and can you buy them seperate?

    The PC suddenly shut down yesterday and wouldn't boot up for more than a few seconds, thinking it was the graphics card (its been a bit iffy and had to have a new fan and heat sink) I swapped it for a spare one with no joy, I then noticed the cpu heat sink hanging odd with no contact I then realised that one of the nodes on the bracket it clamps too had sheered off so need to replace the bracket.

    Where can I find a new bracket from and are the hole centres the same for the same type of processor?

    Its an AM2+ CPU and Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 mobo, all I can find on ebay is either used or from HK

    What is the part called? am I searching the right term with AM2 heat sink bracket?


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    Any help appreciated as its currently fastened tight with cable ties!

    Is this the pastic thing that the heatsink screws onto?
    If so, I bought mine from eBay as I sold my last one along with the heatsink when I changed it...silly me!

    Clicky link

    Also known as a retention bracket
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    Thats the part! Is virtualvillage a reliable site?

    My main concern is if the holes have the same centers.

    Cheers m8

    PS You still got the chooks? I blame your mega thread for inspiring me to get some, we are up to 7 now, started with 4, got 2 more from freecycle, then 2 more from a friend of a friend but one only lasted a few days with us, must have already been ill and only 22 weeks at that.

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    I've no idea on virtual village. Thats what Google bought up.

    What do you mean about the if holes have the same centres?

    When I bought mine, I bought a new motherboad out of desperation to get my PC up & running, then waited a few weeks for bracket off eBay to arrive...
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    My Chooks are now all gone They had a good 2.5 years of freedom!
    Last 2 died a few weeks ago.

    Don't know if we'll get anymore or not...would like to get the garden back!

    Glad I was able to inspire!


    Does your motherboard not support a standard heatsink without the plastic bit?

    Whats left once you've removed the bracket?

    The plastic bit is needed so the heatsink can clip onto it.

    With the pic above, the bracket is in 2 parts.
    The bottom bit goes underneath the motherboard (see pic below), the top then goes onto the motherboard and screws into the plastic thing underneath.
    The heatsink then sits on top and clips on
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