Whats the quickest way to port out and back in again using a PAC code

Found 15th Feb 2018
Hi everyone. I just wanted to ask whats the quickest network that allows you to use your PAC code and then get another one. I ve taken a new contract out with virgin as they wont honour an existing deal and taken a PAC code but just need a temp sim card with a network thats really quick at adding a PAC code and giving another one out?
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Try 3?
Few years back (although was with them at the time) I requested mine from Giffgaff, all done via online form, they came within 15 minutes for two phones. Was the same when I was joining them, entered it online and the number switched overnight.
DO NOT use O2, I made that mistake because they deliver quick but you have to activate it by paying £10 never got told once before and with my number I had for over 15 years on the line I had to pay
Virgin love. You're out of luck
I believe it’s about 2 months as think you have to have it moved to another network and leave it there for at least another month. Then you can move it again.

Issue is if you have already signed I’m not sure they will port your number back in 2 months time.

Easiest way is to move to a pay monthly 30 day contract sim on another network then once its setup go for your new customer deal and port the number back again.
I done this I was on BT SIM only deal moved my number over to a pay as you go Vodafone SIM (took 24h) has to stay on that SIM for 7 days before i could move it back to a NEW BT SIM only Deal as i was not able to get a PAC code as the system did not recognize the Number. i even called up Vodafone up. they said it has take around 7 days for there system to update.
(I was not allowed to move my number from 1 BT SIM to another BT SIM)

Edit: I done mines all online once i found out i had to wait 7 days.
I also moved my GF number from Vodafone SIM to a BT Sim and that also took 24h

I have heard it can take up to 2 days to move a number. but all mines took around 24h
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I've ordered a 3 sim card so hope that works
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