whats the rate % for vouchers

    was just wondering when buying vouchers, how much should you normally be paying, is it 80% or is it a load of cobbles, just want a guideline for what i should pay. thanks



    whatever your are comfortable paying

    100%? £10 would buy you a £10 voucher or have i totally missed your point?

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    lol i know that, aint having a blonde moment. but i always hear this 80% thing, thats why im asking.

    edit: i meant when buying vouchers from here how much should you be looking to buy them at, it wasnt a trick question.

    80% IS guide like you i wouldnt pay more than £3.50/4 for a £5.00 voucher however i may well pay £85 for £100 voucher ( 85%) as saving is significant.
    Thats why some people prefer to trade small value vouchers as can often get better deal

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    thanks diva :thumbsup:

    I'd start at 90% to give yourself a little haggling room :thumbsup:
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