whats the really bassy tune diversity used on that sky dance programme?

definatly none of them mate..

its says those songs are from "Dance phenomena, Diversity surprised shoppers at Westfield London with an impromptu performance. Here's what they danced to."

cheers for the reply though!
When was it on, and was it mixed in with other songs?
Always thought they just danced to the same songs every time...
i think it was on sunday, did a special guest appearence.. yeah it was mixed with other stuff but it was a really heavy and bassy

kind of went

duuh duuh wuup wuup wupwupwupwupwupwup

lol shocking discription i know.... sorry!
Its Chase and Status - Eastern Jam I think, if its from the semi final - just watched it for you lol
youtube.com/wat…pPo - the bassy bit is after about a minute or so, so ignore it if it sounds different at start, also I think maybe they used a different mix on that program.

edit - maybe even this youtube.com/wat…fck
yeahh! thats the one

cheers mate
are you a fan or just good at finding stuff like that out? lol
Not a massive fan, just tend to listen to quite alot of music, and when I watched the clip on the sky thing I knew instantly. I do like hunting stuff out though, I'm pretty bored.

If you like that kind of music though you should check out Sub Focus, and also a song by TC called 'where;s my money' pretty good and same type of music.
yeah subfocus is good, as is 'wheres my money', 'your chatting rubbish' and 'vinals dead' those 3 are all pretty much the same tune lol

diesel boys substance 'd' album.. quality!

dont really know anyone into dnb so finding new stuff isnt always that easy!
Yeah I've always been loosely into DnB, stuff like Phoetek, Dr Octagon, Aphex Twin etc, not all strictly dnb, or maybe any thing like it, but hopefully you get what I mean. I joined a car owners club, and theres a few threads on there about music, and it's mostly dnb, so that's how I've got into it a bit more recently.

It's a shame sometimes it gets tarred as just being chavvy, I can see why...but it shouldn't ha.
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