What's the scam with some Wish.com items?

Found 16th Apr 2018
On wish.com there are various products, such as £500 items for 'free', 'just pay shipping!' wow!

Some of these sellers have thousands of feedback and I can't imagine they worked to get all that just to scam 95p postage, most of which will be refunded anyway by paypal .. but obviously this isn't legit either.

Is there something more to this or is it as simple as them scamming gullible people for 90p.
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Many of these sites have hidden conditions, such as subscriptions without price notification. So you pay £2:95 postage for your sample and unless you are poor you dont notice the 2 X 79:99 taken for the items you did not order or ever want. The defence offered by these criminals is that you signed up for a subscription service. YOU DID NOT! Demand your money back and make a big noise where ever you can.These people are criminals, preying on consumers where they can!
Not sure, but I'd guess that it's because they get your shipping address, full name, maybe email/phone number too? Free information for them
Most of these 'reduced from' prices are fictitious, designed to make you think you are getting a bargain. You can sell anything at any price, or at least advertise it at any price. You sell it for a 'bargain' price when you knock 99% off that price.
I've used wish a few times. Cheap Chinese tat
I won't use Wish again. Ordered several items, not been pleased with a single one. Everything is either tiny or shoddy. Clothes Ive ordered look very flammable and Ive just thrown them away. Wouldnt risk anyone wearing them.
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