Whats the SE Arc Like ?

    Im looking at buying the sony xperia arc, on the 02 "flash sale" because it seems a pretty good deal on a newish phone , just give me your opinions on it and if you can answer these questions ???

    whats the screen like (is it as vibrant as SAMOLED, and is it as responsive as iOS)

    Overall OS - is it a "dumbed" down version of android

    How futureproof is this phone ???, i dont want to have it for 2 years if, next year its outdated by far

    and just your general opinions


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    I'm always a bit dubious of manufacturers re-branding (/customizing) of stock O.S's like android, which, after all does a good job and has largely been well designed. IMO the end product is usually less appealing than the stock O.S and potentially slower if if hasnt been done very well/optimised.

    just my 2p.
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