What's the slimmest 49" TV?

Found 1st Jan
hi everyone,

I hope someone out there can help me. my current TV is the Samsung UE46B8000 which was a top notch TV when I first bought it. One of the main advantages for me is how thin it is, 2.99cm. It had a special Samsung mount which means it sits with its back flush against the wall.

I want to upgrade to a new 4k. Ideally I would like a 49" but can go to a 55' if absolutely needed - But I want it to be sub 3cm.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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Splice5 m ago


That's a fairly thick TV once you take the base unit into account, it's only the screen itself that's thin.

I think Panasonic's DX802 is similar in thickness to your current TV and available at 50". I'd be inclined to wait a few more years for HDR and OLED to get going through as you'll see more of a difference than just 4K (which is rather a dud at 50", most of the benefit is just coming from higher bitrate in premium sources and other improvements that could have been made without it).
Cheers @EndlessWaves - fortunately - or unfortunately - I'm moving out of a family home but have to leave the TV for the family.

So I need something new to mount on chimney breast of the new place, and recessing the wall isn't going to be possible.

I'll investigate the Panasonic, thanks for the shout. It's about 5mm thicker but I may have to just suck it up unless something slimmer is found.

LG Wallpaper one? Your tv is 3cm deep, most high end ones are around 3.5-4.5cm. What visible difference are you imagining between a 3cm and 4cm deep tv when its on the wall? I would be more interested in image quality.
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