Whats the song??

    There's a song being played on all the radio stations at the moment. Radio 1, Real Radio, Nation Radio etc It's seems to have been out for a good few weeks and I'm sure they're an Australian band not sure. I'm also sure I've heard it being played on advert on BBC TV.

    Anyone please?

    Its not Mumford & Sons nor Owl City


    how does it go, genre??

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    I'm trying to think of some of the lyrics. It's an indie anthem type of song. Hope that helps…st/

    Check here, something might ring a bell!

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    BINGO!!!!!!!!! Nice one! Rep added!

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    This ?

    Shakey Mic;7849235

    BINGO!!!!!!!!! Nice one! Rep added!


    Shakey Mic;7849244


    I know sorry, I just could not resist
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