What's the technique to get something added to three mobile basket correctly?

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The series of images below is pretty self-explanatory.

So, after clearing cookies and cache, log out, log in, try again, get the same again, I phone up.

Absolutely NO interest in resolving the issue, just kept pushing and pushing an appallingly bad plan, which was 500mb for £5 per month (the same as I pay anyway!), but then to add more Mb it was.... (ready for this?) £5 per Gb!

He was very evasive about giving me these extra details about the (extremely high) costs of going over the plan, and eventually told me that the call centre can't see online deals, and that I have to visit my local store (and 80 mile round trip). I might phone them, but meantime, where am I going wrong here? Select the £10 offer, add to basket, it becomes £14. There's no extras added, and it can't be VAT because it's 20% not 40%!

Anyone? Heeeelp!

Log in and see offer....


Click banner and select offer:

Check offer bundle...

Go to basket... £4 more than in list!


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Its says FROM £10 per month

I guess the existing customer deal they are offering you is £14... probably varies based on loyalty discount / length of time / how much you pay /paid ?
True - I spotted that. But with ALL the other plans and options, "FROM" means, (for example):
1 month contract = £25
12 month contract = £15
24 months contract = £10
All the other offerings add to the basket at the price shown in the listing for the contract duration. Incidentally, this "offer" can still be added when completely logged out and incongnito, so I don't think it's that, either.
I made the LONG round trip to a 3 store, came home with a Huawei E5330 (£9.99) and 20Gb data for £10/month.
I was so excited about finally having "proper" broadband after being stuck on 4mb down, 800k up.
I knew my phone would easy push 15Mb down and 6 up. Turned on, 5 bars.... 3Mb down, 400k up. Turns out that the E5330 is only 3G! So, E5573Bs-322 reserved at Currys for collection tomorrow (£9.99).
As I already have just got a 12 months contract, I guess I don't need to add another month to the Currys one?
And, I just want to confirm - 3 don't restrict mobile broadband speed for mifi devices? I mean, if my phone gets 4g on 3 here, the dongle should too, right?
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