Whats The Worst Thing You`ve Done At A interview!

    Well as i told you all this morning i was going for my second interview that ive ever had (first one was for my apprentership for council) Walked in with a folder containing all my certificates from rugby, school and college; also had my CV, Standard council application form and loads of background info on the council! Walked in suited in booted in my brand new suit (M&S 2 for £49 thanks to Bubbablue). Then got told that the interviews was only next week. So just to swing it and make it look lyk i wasnt daft!!!! i said i was there to just collect some information and hopefully have a quick look around!



    :thumbsup:good on you for such quick thinking - hope you get the position:thumbsup:

    my worst interview - i fell off the chair - i didnt want to twiddle the lever in interview - but as i was going to go - fell straight off - got the job as well!!!:-D:-D

    I turned up a week late :whistling:- obviously didn't get the job but ironically they re-advertised the post so I re-applied, turned up on time and got the job

    Well done, quick thinking ....

    I blew an electric fire up !! Years ago I got up from my chair in the reception when I was called to go into the interview room & tripped over a wire that was stretched across the floor ! :oops: so not completely my fault .. my foot got caught, the fire (old type with bars ! ) was pulled over & went bang !! I never got the job !! :roll:
    The worse part was .... & quite unbelievably a few weeks later I was walking down the road with a couple of mates laughing about what had happened & someone come up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder & said something along the lines of .. '' It wasn't funny, it was so dangerous'' !! the receptionist from the interview who had witnessed the 'accident' was behind me :w00t: !! it was a mile or so away from where it had happened too !!

    Sharted - It's when you fart but end up shhitting a wee bit :oops:

    Went ot an interview with a gaping hole in the backside of my trousers. Didnt realise till I got up to leave, turned and the lass interviewing me burst out laughing. I turned round and she pointed out the 'problem'. My how I look back on that and laugh!:oops:

    i was meant to say "important part" but said "important f a r t "

    great deal on the suit.....

    no bad experiences in interviews to share though

    I once went for an interview when I didnt actually have one...........:?

    Got the job though!!!!

    Sure Nik @@ :thumbsup:

    I always waffle so much I forget what the questions were and have to ask again lol somehow Ive always got away with it lol

    The interviewer focused on my address and then told me it belonged to them and he considered me a squatter and to get out of his office.
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