Found 10th Nov 2014
Everyone I know on EE are getting them...
I've sent you an EE Photo/Video Message. Go to Your message is valid for 7 days

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Community Updates
From Essex Police via community messaging

Security firm Adaptivemobile has uncovered a new variant of the ?Android.Koler.A? malware which is being called Worm.koler and is spread by SMS message. The message received will typically read ?someone made a profile named - the contact?s name- and he uploaded some of your photos! is that you?? This will then be followed by a ?****? URL. On clicking the link it will redirect the victim to a file hosting service. Once on that site the victim is encouraged to download an app called ?Photoviewer?. Once this app is installed a pop up screen will appear stating that the device has been locked by the police and the user must pay a certain amount to unblock the device. Whilst this is happening on the screen, in the background, an SMS message will be spammed out to all contacts on the victim?s phone. The message is only sent once to make it appear more authentic. It is recommended that any victims of this ransomware complete a manufacture reset of their device and then reinstall their apps afterwards. This could cause a potential loss of data such as photos, if they have not already been backed up. If the malware restricts you from getting into your phones settings, put the phone into safe mode (please refer to your phones instruction manual) and remove the app. Once this is done, perform a complete reset of your phone. It is also recommended that if you are unsure about any messages containing a link do not click on them, and think about contacting the sender for verification that they intended to send you the message. Only download apps from a reputable source such as Google Play Store. The purpose of this alert is to prevent crime in the UK. If you think you have been a victim of this type of fraud you should report it to Action Fraud the UK?s national fraud reporting centre by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting actionfraud.police.uk . Please state the device being used and the application downloaded.
I've had this a few times. I just delete it every time.
It could be that there's an issue with EE Picture Messaging. My partners mum sent a picture message to my partner who got this message.
I then tried to fix it, eventually managed to send a picture message out from my partners phone and I received it ok in the end but, when I tried to send one back, it didnt come through but, instead got this message after 2 days!
My partner is on EE and when going to the link from her mums message, it was a picture of one of her dogs. So for us it was a legit message but, not sure why picture messaging isn't working.
Just had same problem, phone crashed at about the time i received the messages, not sent by sender. Very strange.
Apparently my friend keeps sending me video and I am on we website and is not letting me see the video
The IP address is owned by t-mobile:

It could still be spam, the best thing to do is just delete it and ask the sender if they sent it and if so to resend the picture.
Anyone know how you can actually view the pictures as my phone keeps saying the picture message couldn't be delivers so follow this link (messages from virgin have always done this on my phone) but the link doesn't work so how can I retrieve the pic?
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