Whats this leaf?

    Pics below, I know what it "looks" like but don't think (or hope its is due to where I found it growing!)


    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    want some

    Screwed up horse chestnut i think

    5-finger dopey i reckon mate.


    Looks like what you think it is

    Gange for sho!

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    ray magini;5211449

    Screwed up horse chestnut i think

    You may be right as its near a conker tree,

    In the primary school grounds:w00t:

    Ya fibber massmail, thats from your loft, not google!!


    ha ha i wish, btw i trim my brush! :-D

    So do i, but its not a Gange bush!

    does it smell lemony?
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