What's this type of decoration plant called?

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Hey. I really need some decoration plants for my room. I'm trying to find them on eBay but don't know what to write, I've tried many things such as 'tall modern plant', 'decoration plant' and 'tall fake plant'. Yahoo Answers is being a pain so I've asked on here.

It's the one to the left of this image: 2886687.jpg
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Small green tree?

Why not go to a garden centre and pick one?
@sAmeri The end plant looks like a type of palm or yucca, middle looks a bit like a bay tree not so sure with the first one.
Agree with Yucca - we all had one in the 80's!

IKEA sell these type of plants.
Mistana Dracaena Palm Plant.
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The right hand side is a yucca house plant, very easy to fall in love with as i now have 3. Plus it doesn't doe quick unlike this other plant.
A small yucca plant is £3.99 in lidl and aldi on special occasions and £30 for a double well grown plant.
Buy the first one and the yucca
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Agree with Yucca - we all had one in the 80's!IKEA sell these type of …Agree with Yucca - we all had one in the 80's!IKEA sell these type of plants.

Just got word by a couple of friends that IKEA is the place for them. I think I'll go there. It is the Yucca I'm after. Appreciate the answers, everyone
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I'd say the one on the right was the yucca - they are quite spiky, pointy and sharp
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