What's This Webiste Called????


    Months ago someone posted a site where you could type in what food you have in your kitchen and it would come up with receipes for you to cook.

    I've got tons of veg and apart from soup would like some ideas, can anyone help?



    i've never heard of such a thing but it sounds like a good idea.
    why don't you just make a big pot of stew, it will last for a few days and tastes better reheated and you can freeze any that's left over.

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    I do, do stews and soup all the time so needed some inspiration. Damn that Aldi and it's cheap veg!

    That sounds like a good site, but I don't know it either, sorry. You can search by ingredient ]here, you may be able to get some ideas. sorry can't be more help.




    only joking

    I'm not really sure but the BBC Food website has a section where you can put up to 3 ingredients.…es/


    There are loads of them - link:- ]google is your friend :-DI prefer … There are loads of them - link:- ]google is your friend :-DI prefer are great video sites to download and put on a dvd to watch whilst cooking :thumbsup:

    oohh thanks :-D


    Useful website. Thanks :thumbsup:


    I use ]recipezaar.

    yeah me too, it's a bit American at times, but I've found some nice stuff on there.

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    great, thanks everyone x
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