whats this worth?

Found 28th Jun 2010
im planning on a trip to the states so im saving, im planning on selling my playstation 3 120gb slim, with god of war 3, metal gear 4, resistance 1 & 2, ridge racer 7, socom confrontation and need for speed undercover also 2 dual shock official pads ,how much is this worth and whats the best way to sell, ebay etc
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I would guess at about £300. eBay could get a higher price, but runs the risk of getting a lower price or not selling and you having to pay them anyway. I would use your local gumtree.com or sell it here (although people may be looking for a bargain price...)
ok thanks, didnt realise it would be so high, i'll put it up for sale on here and see if i can get about £250, cheers mate:thumbsup:
Hi fellow safc fan

you cant sell it on here for anothe 7 days after you close this thread, but yea, around £230-£250 on there (plus £10 postage), or take your chance on ebay in the hope you get more after ebay and paypal fees.

If you're gonna sell on here then ask for £280 (which is what you would on ebay), knowing that you'll get knocked down. a little tip so you're not replying to loads of questions... list AS MUCH as you can about the item, date/store of purchase, original price (you cant sell for profit on here), condition etc etc and take some detailed/close up photo's as well...
i hate ebay really, so will probably just stick it on here, cheers disco, hope we have a good season and skin the mags :thumbsup:
£250 max. more like £230 delivered for a sale on here.

never worth £300!

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