What's up with all these fake Amazon sellers, and why aren't amazon doing anything to get rid of them?

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Found 14th Jun
I was looking on Amazon, and saw this amazon.co.uk/gp/…out ----- as you can see this item is 99P (WHAT A BARGAIN!11!1) from a seller known as "Cedric Watt", if you look at their other items, almost all of them are 99P or 98P

The seller "Cedric Watt" is a seller that has "Just Launched" meaning their new to the site (selling wise at least), you'll find a lot of these "Just Launched" sellers listing stuff for prices that are just too good to be true (because they are)

I'ave heard other HDUK members mention about them, but had not seen any up until now.

Some of the products have a "Best Sellers" ribbon on them, which would mean people are buying them, will they get their money back when nothing comes through the letterbox?

And why have they not been removed yet? it's pretty obvious it's all fake, doesn't Amazon have anybody to review these sellers, before they start selling and taking peoples money, but if people are actually getting bargains then it's A-OK!

EDIT: Looks like they'ave been removed, so they are doing something about it, good to know


They have been removed X)

Original Poster


They have been removed X)

I think that's just the link not working, changing it now in fact.


I ordered a theory test cd just like that one and it did turn up but was a pirate copy lol. Amazon should verify stock from these sellers before allowing them to sell.

I ordered a few things from a store posted on here (and quickly removed) a few days ago, everything cost ~£15 but I was curious, even stuff costing hundreds, marked as dispatched but I'm suspicious.

I ordered items from Amazon themselves (not through the market place) and got fakes. Not once but three times. So if they can't be bothered to order genuine goods themselves, then they probably aren't too worried about others doing it.

Also, when I complained about it, they got all shirty with me
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