What's up with Argos' website?

    I can't search for toys on price, type, brand or by the ref no. Is it my browser or is it the site? Argh!!!!!!


    its fine for me

    The Argos website usually gets slow around Christmas. Last year I could only get on to it in the middle of the night.

    It's working ok for me btw.


    It's been rubbish for a while. Random sections pop up with "argos site down for maintenance"... then refresh and its fine.

    oh and Haiiiii LFC

    Original Poster

    Well I've done the IT thing (switch off/on again) and it's as slow and unresponsive as before. Gonna try IE instead of Google Chrome and see if that makes a difference.

    Original Poster

    Still blimmin slow but managed to get in at last to find that they've been altering the prices of the HM armed forces toys. Some up and some down.
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