Whats up with buying an Xbox one game with account?

Hey, was dusting of the old Xbox one to have a game of something, and was looking for a digital copy of Far Cry 4. Seen a ton of them for sale on Ebay, but as an account you buy and download. Am unclear as to the legality of this. Anyone done it? Or do you know a decent place for digital copy of FC4?


Am assuming its against Microsoft's T and C's and have little to no come back if something happened, but though i'd ask anyhow.



Basically, it works by the seller giving you their own account details which allows you to share their game. However, they can revoke access at any time.

I personally am against it as it is technically marketplace fraud as you are getting a copy of the game without purchasing a licence for it.

I've also seen lots of digital games on ebay done this way and basically it sounds like it's exploiting the game sharing option Microsoft allow.

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Cheers gents, think I might just give it a skip to be on the safe side

Thanks again
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