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What's up with people creating accounts just to ask for UNiDAYS codes?

Posted 23rd Sep 2017
So fed up of seeing them. I have unidays and I give people codes, but if they have nothing to contribute to the site I don't see why they should even ask.

I know it's a website to try and save money, but there's a fine line between saving money and plain cheek!
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your unidays account can get banned for giving codes to other people.
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You should see how many accounts on meerkat 2-4-1, the lengths people go to to save a pound.
Never heard of them or used them but people do seem rather keen on them.

Ban them I say ban them all.
deleted70151724/09/2017 07:14

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I've only given 2/3 away. I shall stop now that I've heard that though
I personally understand why people ask, but have never done so myself. Actually that's a lie, I have a friend who has one but she never uses it and sorted me out so I could get a decent pair of trainers for work a few years back.

I have an NUS card (complete with ISIC on the back). It's a 3 year card of which I've only just used a year up.

However, more and more companies are switching to Unidays, of which I can't get because I don't have an email address from The Open University. They were also unable to help me when I contacted their support.

My Spotify discount is due to run out in 3 days, and I use it pretty regularly. So I either cancel my subscription (don't really want to do this), beg someone for a code (again, I don't do this - but also Spotify wants you to log in from their website) or, as I've just found out, I can buy an account (which I've just done).

It's pretty ridiculous that as a legit student (albeit mature), I can't even get a student unidays account unless I jump through hoops. I'll make the cost back I'm sure in money I save but that's not the point. I'm having to go down roads I don't want to go down so I can legitimately get a discount I'm entitled to.

So please understand there's always 2 sides to every story.
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yeah , i had to google what a UNIDAY code was ......... Don't judge me
deleted70151709/10/2017 09:10

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I doubt they have chosen to exclude mature students. Just OU students because they don't get given an email address ending in .ac.uk.
deleted70151709/10/2017 09:10

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I've actually been in contact with Unidays since my last post. They have stated categorically that they do allow mature students so your answer doesn't hold any weight.

It's not about entitlement. It's about jumping through hoops to satisfy ridiculous requirements. I could have sent copies of admission, nus card details, isic card details but they (or whoever I spoke to) refused to budge.

But like I said. I have one now and paid for the privilege. Is it any wonder why so many people do things on the opposite side of the law? Is it any wonder why people beg for codes?
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