whats with January sales?

    how is it a january sale when its December? do people not realise what month we're in?

    Are they honestly fooled into thinking that its the only sale the retailer will have between now and February 2011 because its called a January sale...why not just call it a December 2011 sale so you really think you're getting a bargain.

    The problem is all these rubbish sites like have sales ALL year so the only way to spice it up is to make you think you're getting a sale price will still be the same in January and probably was in November


    december 2011 is NEXT year,so that would be even stupider wouldnt it?

    Because shoppers on the whole can be manipulated. As with magazines that are usually dated the next week / month shoppers like to think they are one step ahead of the crowd. A December sale now would look stoopid and make shoppers feel like they are getting what's left. naming it the January sale makes shoppers think they are getting bargains one step ahead.
    Retail is a a whole lot of science.

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    december 2011 is NEXT year,so that would be even stupider wouldnt it?

    yes it's called sarcasm

    I doubt the Jan sales will be any good anyways, never are now.

    All those sofa companies do this all year lol

    There are a lot of stupid people about. You can be fooled into thinking your getting a bargain. Just ask yourself 'is it worth it' no matter so called discount is being listed.

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    true...far too many sales going on....its like you almost expect it now, any time of the year...I remember the 80's when sales were 2 or 3 times a year...much better, something to look forward too and you knew you were getting a genuine sale all I think is I wont buy that now, I'll just wait 2 weeks it will be on sale again


    Retail is a a whole lot of science.

    It's a whole lot of something beginning with 'S' I'll give you that, but "science" it is not.
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    well if xmas can start in November than i don't ..............

    Easter eggs have started appearing in the shops.............

    am just waiting for full price week at Allied Carpets.
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