whats with the CEX price increases ?

Found 1st Feb 2011
I was scanning their online store and noticed a few games that i was going to pick up next time i was in town well they had Uncarted 1 for the ps3 for £7.00 and the 2nd one for a tenner so i thought it was a good deal, The next day i checked again only to find out that they had both been increased to £12.00 each.

It seems the whole range of dvds and games all increased in price overnight.
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It's been happening on and off for a few weeks now. Not sure why but I've took advantage of some of the increased trade in prices.
They will come back down eventually
Employment law has changed and now states "That all customer facing employees must be of a clean and hygienic nature"

CEX have had to let most of their staff leave and install shower rooms for the rest of them, hence the price increases.
Maybe theyve got the VAT increase wrong
i bought battlefield bad company 2 from there for £10 played and finished traded it back in for £10 the selling price had gone up to £15
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