Whats with the delivery on dell outlet??

    Ok so I purchased a laptop on the 13th of this month and just got my 2nd delayed notifier to tell me it will be expected on the 4th of june. I mean come on!! this is just ridiculous for a start its only a refurb machine so they dont even have to build the damn thing and why extend the date 2 days before i am expecting it. I am beginning to see why people hate dell


    I've quite a few laptops from the outlet and never had this problem?

    They do recheck them before sending them out which can add a few days and seem to remember someone saying they're shipping from Europe now rather than Ireland?

    Fiori, will be worth it in the end.

    I have purchased a laptop in the past and they have been prompt. The laptop I got looked like Brand New (it even had a screen protector on) and was packed up well.

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    lol ill try to but i am moving abroad in about a month so just want to get this sorted
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