Whats wrong with my hard drives?

I am trying and trying to format a hard drive so I can send off a PC funny thing is it did work before I tried it in a usb enclosure, before it was in PC and working great, then I formatted it for my PS2 to see if it worked as my other one died(with same symptoms)

What happened is I buy a usb enclosure so I can use the ps2 hd I just bought(used) and for some reason windows refused to let me format it, I tried and tried and everntually tried it in the IDE cable instead(After powering off my PC obviously) and when I turned on I got a hard disc failure prominent message

It lef me format so far, up to 85% then made some wierd noises then didnt finish formatting.

I tried a few times with same problem.

Then I try the other one(from the PC) and tried with ide cables, worked great, formatted fast no problems and worked fine.

I then tested it in USB enclosure and it refused to format.

Tried it in IDE and same problem hard disc failure message on startup!

Only other thing it could be is I formatted the hard drives to work on my PS2 so maybe thats why? and strangely I can format both full and quick using the PS2 format software(not sure if I can say name) and it works on my PS2.

So is it that or something else?

I have offered the buyer a refund, or I can send PC off then buy another hard drive at my expense then format that and send it to them. Or to wait until I get a new hd, format then send the whole lot down.


try adding mr matey bubble bath, i hope this helps

you could run chkdsk? or use a program that fixes bad sectors, have you tried partition magic?

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Partition magic wont workon vista, and I cant run chkdisc as it wont let me unless hd is formatted!
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