Found 8th Sep 2009
Bought 2 mobile phones got sent 2 Xbox wireless adapter......second time this is happening, 3 months ago bought a dvd writer got sent a pack of 50 dvdr. this is so annoying....

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never had any problems, use them alot as well

Yer same never had a problem and always give quick delivery for me

i ordered 2 iphone 3gs body shields and they never came

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In the past ve never had any problem with them and I do use them a lot but in recent times not the same,

weird, just hope they send you an xbox next time:w00t:

Not had problem with,infact I highly rate them for online shopping,I consider them up as good as likes of Amazon.
Who will be complaining if a £4.99 CD ordered and a laptop or something turns up ?

Actually Tesco Direct are a pain for sending wrong goods I've found,I've ordered various items and had something of the opposite sent out,like one time I ordered Disney Cars duvet set,and a pyrex dish arrived. Ratatouille Quake board game and some shower curtain rings came.

i ordered some batteries and charger and got a mouse

i read yesterday on here that apparently play have had problems at their warehouse with shipping wrong items recently..

Ive had trouble recently with I order items which are stated as being in stock then they simply don't appear. I waited seven weeks for a set of earphones which had been advertised as in stock. Im still waiting on a DVD I ordered three months ago. No emails, nothing.

weren't there some security problems with the site a few months ago with this site? a few people were reporting this on martins money tips:x

I've had the items saying in stock and actually not being in stock with amazon, not play :s I ordered a cd for my parents birthday and it got sent out a week late :\
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