whats wrong with rapidshare?

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Found 6th Feb 2010
Has anyone tried downloading from rapidshare as a free user recently.
There are no free slots whatsoever, (for me anyway) is anyone else able to get any download slots? ive got jdownloader reetying every 2 mins but there havent been any slots all day! just wondering if anyone knows whats happening or why.
I dont use it very often so thats why i dont have a premium account.

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i might have a spare premium lying around...


free is workin for me as is prem

Been like that the last few days for me, only been able to download 1 thing in like 3 days


yeah its ***** now

Free download works very rarely for me nowadys for some reason, never used to have a problem with it?

Been like this for several months now. Free slots in the evenings and weekends are very dificult to get hold of.

I dislike download managers but since Christmas I've been forced to use one to do my radpidshare downloads overnight.


if youre only downloading one or two things a day, and theyre below hmmmmmm 200mb then find a site which will allow you to use their premium service. quite a few of these around. dont think you need to sign up or anything major at all


i did say i have a spare prem but its actually a megaupload prem - in any case id share my rapidshare prem thanks to the seculock

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whats seculock does it mean you cant change the password?

Yeah have been having problems here for about 8 months but maybe thats an O2 issue as had O2 for all that period.

If I can get a slot the download keeps pausing and restarting so even if it says say 2 minutes to download a file it ends up being like 20-30 minutes.

Rapidshare is awful. I had a premium account for the best part of last year and it was never up to scratch with regards to speed. Very very rarely made the most of my connection - usually got stuck with 400MB/s most of the time.

After cancelling and using it as a free user, I found it even worse with the whole slot system however i usually get a slot after 1 or 2 retries.

RS has had server issues.recently, but should be resolved soon
Posted on the news section
Announcing the next RapidShare upgrade

February 01, 2010
A lot of our users have noticed that up till now, our system was working on maximum load. We are happy to say that the capacity issues will soon be resolved. Early March, we will start up twelve new 10-gigabit ports, and at the same time add 200 new servers to our system. This upgrade will give more download power to Free Users. Premium Users will get even higher download speeds. We continue to make sure that we offer you the best platform for filehosting in the world.


i might have a spare premium lying around...

Fancy passing it this way?


400kb/s you mean, me and my dad have had premiums each for over a year … 400kb/s you mean, me and my dad have had premiums each for over a year always max out our connects I get 2600kb/s. He gets 1500kb/s.

Ah my bad, kb/s is what I meant! Wish I got those kinda speeds.. would be expecting 1100kb/s or a bit more on my line but never got that..

Still resent RS for having such a bad free service though.. Megaupload provide a totally awesome free service. I'd buy an account if i needed to!
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