whats wrong with this pc?

    my freind gave me a emachine which doesnt work for some reason. i opened it up and when i connect the cable to the power supply the fan spins for 2 seconds then just stops again. i thought maybe the power supply was faulty so from my emachine which looks exactly the same as his one, took my power supply and connected it to the computer but this time the motherboard fan doesnt even spin. if anyone knows if this is a problem with the motherboard or something else please can you help.


    Unplug eveything from the PC including the keyboad and mouse.
    Remove all add in cards including graphics cards.
    Remove the memory and power up.

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    ok what i done is unplugged everything so all is connected is the cable to power supply ad the main cables going from power supply to motherboard and hard drive. no cd/dvd drive.

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    it seems to be a comon problem if you type in emachine on ebay the first item is the exact same one as the on i am trying to fix and the seller is selling faulty and the reason is "the power supply doesnt work".

    I looked at two last month. On one the PSU was dead, on the second the PSU was faulty and had taken the Motherboard out with it.
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