What's you experience using a N95? also is this worth it?

    Might be working on a deal in the for sale thread but i would like to know if you have one or had one in the past what you thought and your views

    My offer was a

    Sony Ericsson w580i newish condition fully boxed
    Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive
    and £50

    Is it worth it?


    I love my '95. Never had a problem with it. Hate the pre-loaded maps, so have loaded TomTom instead. Love it so much, likely to get the 8GB version soon.

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    Cheers for your comment mate

    To you think its worth what i listed above?

    A friend has an N95 & hates it - couldn't get specific feedback, because the answer came back as everything. Basically I wouldn't touch an N95 with a barge pole (as seems to be a fairly common thought on the net last time I checked). However if it was an 8Gb version... that's a different ball game - many improvements - screen, battery, etc.

    My hubby had it when it first came out & hated it so returned it...

    I had the N95 and the only thing annoying was the battery life. I loved the Wifi feature as I use Skype a lot for calls so it was great to get free calls on your mobile. The N95 does benefit from being switched off for an hour a day and when I updated the software things improved. I've since got the 8GB version and it is bliss!

    Negative comments I've heard about the N95 all relate to its pitiful battery life.

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    wow i would have thought they would of released a firmware that would reduce the battery drain or better still include a better battery.

    I wonder is it possible to use the battery that comes with the n95 8gb version? or is the N95 8gb a different phone altogether.


    Just ordered one last week, haven't received it yet though as o2 are mucking me about.

    My Bro-in-law has it and says its a good phone, the only downside from what i have read is the poor battery life.

    have to say seems a good phone bar bad battery life, my friend owns one

    tho personally i think it looks bulky

    The phone is nice, but battery is pathetic.


    Best phone I have ever had. I love the features MP3 player full access internet, satnav, video phone, etc.

    The battery will usually last you a day with a lot of usage, so its just put it on charge every night. The standard phone comes with an in car charger, so if you forget, you can always plug in when you are out and about.

    Sounds like the deal you are doing is a bit one sided.

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    Sounds like the deal you are doing is a bit one sided.

    Thank you all for your comments :thumbsup:

    How much do you think i could get an N95 for (to come to a better deal for both sides?)
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