Whats your biggest win on the Lottery

    I just wondered who on hotdeals has had the biggest lottery win

    To start you all off mine is a meesly tenner


    i won 52 pound on a scratch card once, thats my biggest win!


    tenner from me untill tonight i hope

    84 from all the numbers I picked

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    danby jason;1954169

    tenner from me untill tonight i hope

    Good luck.:thumbsup:

    88 on a scratch card.


    but cant grumble i suppose, i dont do it lol

    All of you better have used the free play!

    £120 when first started 4 numbers


    Never won - but then not surprising as Ive never wasted my money on the lottery or scratch cards!

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    All of you better have used the free play!

    The one thats for signing up thats on here. I signed up via quidco but didn't get the free fiver but got the quidco tracked.:thumbsup:

    I done two lines once and got all six numbers. Three on each line, bloody sickener.

    £10 lots of times,got about £70 something once for 4 numbers.


    I wish!! Biggest is £232 on a scratchcard and regular tenners on the scratches too! I dont buy cards on a regular basis but sometimes will feel drawn to a particular card in the shop and buy it, I can honestly say that 9/10 times I win either my money back or a win above that.

    £450 on Hot Picks just before Xmas a couple of years ago. Lovely.
    Still not enough to tell the boss to shove his job though.

    £10 .

    £16 on a scratch card... but then I hardly ever play so I can't grumble...

    My old flatmate in New Zealand used to make me laugh. He never bought Lotto tickets, ever, and was always going on about saving $5 a week by not buying 5 tickets. If he was a bit skint he would save as much as $20 by not buying 20 tickets!!!! :lol:
    The most I've won is about £100 many years ago. That was for 4 numbers. Haven't bought a ticket in years (so I guess I've saved a bit of money)!! :?

    I was two numbers off a tenner once.

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    I was two numbers off a tenner once.



    45 for me on hot picks

    I have a mate at work who got 5 numbers his 6th number was imbetween the bonus ball and the 6th number. so say he had 22 the 6th number was 21 and the bonus 23 would that not make you feel sick? (assuming its a true story)

    Just over £1100 with 4 numbers! Then OH crashed car into garage and it cost loads more than this to fix everything!

    got an ex who won 2.3 million.

    still don't regret dumping him

    £1200 For 5 numbers about a year after it started.

    ive won it once ( the jackpot) but i cant think of what to spend it on
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