What's your experience of MSE?

    I'm not actually subscribed to MSE, but I occasionally browse it to see if there are any decent deals. I have found though that the forums on there can be really clicky. It seems that people there are just so unfriendly and only want to see deals rather than chat about them too. Has anyone else noticed that? Sorry, just thought I'd comment on that because I think its quite nice to chat to like minded people - even if it is about getting freebies lol!


    Yeah it seems to be full of people obsessed with their own money situations and what they have done that is so brilliant, rather than to help others. There are some helpful people about tho. I just browse it for the best savings accounts, credit cards etc rather than use the forums for other deals much. That's what this site is for!

    By the way, it's spelt cliquey.


    By the way, it's spelt cliquey.

    never heard that word before....learn something new every day...

    I use this site & MSE, I find MSE much better for compettions which Ive' just started entering on my lunch breaks (not won anything yet though) & I also find MSE much better if I have a specific problem or question (like when I had a insurance problem & needed mortgage advice) I also use MSE to give out tech advice (although havn't for a while.) It's just a lot better because of how it's split up into areas and still in an old forum style which I like.

    I use Hotukdeals for the deals side of things because it's much better at that but never get much response from asking questions on here unless it's about a deal specifically posted.

    Depends what you want really I use them both for quite diferent things.

    Anyway hope this reads OK I'm having a 'not making much sense day' today.


    love it some great people over there

    same as the world though

    some are good some are bad

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    I suppose maybe I'm being a little harsh. Its mainly the free films thread I noticed it on. Still I do admit there's some really helpful links and info on there. I'll keep browsing it and maybe my opinion will change.

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    By the way, it's spelt cliquey.

    I really didn't know that! I always thought it was just clicky. See! Such helpful people on here even let me know about my grammatical errors :w00t:

    I started out on M.S.E and then started looking at the deals on here a few weeks ago. I mainly use the forums on M.S.E , some of the deals are duplicated from here but there are a lot of other offers. So my advice is to use both.
    Some of the members are "cliquey" and sometimes they can be quite rude to others, but most of the people are great!

    If we're really getting into it - the adjective is cliquish!!!!:-D

    I use MSE for specifics, but I don't find it very user friendly, however, I log onto HUKD all the time, and I actually prefer the new style to the old.

    I love Martin Lewis and am a huge fan of his, however I just can't seem to navigate the MSE website at all, the layout just drives me nuts :w00t: I do occasionally go on there when it comes to seeking out financial related advice etc.

    I have dipped in and out of it, but find the colours very 'in your face', am slowly getting used to this new style here, but still long for the old back! :whistling:

    i was a regular over at mse for ages, was even a board guide (kinda like a mod but not called a mod lol).did a bit of working away, started to spend less and less time over there, came back and ended up here and now this is my regular haunt and just pop over mse now and again..

    Find here is more about buying goods where as over there they cover more things like financial help etc.

    Both sites are great though and have no hessitaion in recomending both to others..

    Love MSE, I think you can get good and bad people on any forum, even HUKD

    I think MSE is far too cluttered as a forum, way too many sub forums IMO.
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