What's your favourite Laurel and Hardy line?

    Here are a few of mine:

    Stan: "Well, I don't know anything about cutting wood."
    Ollie: "Well, you ought to. You once told me your father was in the lumber business."
    Stan: "Well, I know he was but it was only in a small way."
    Ollie: "What do you mean small way ?"
    Stan: "Well, he ... he used to sell toothpicks."

    Judge: "You're charged with vagrancy. Are you guilty or not guilty ?"
    Ollie: "Not guilty Your Highness."
    Judge: "On what grounds ?"
    Stan: "We weren't on the grounds, we were sleeping on the park bench."
    Oxford Student: "Pardon me but haven't you come to the wrong college ?"
    Ollie: "Well, this is Oxford isn't it ?"
    Oxford Student: "Yes but you're dressed for Eton."
    Stan: "Well, that's swell, we haven't eaten since breakfast."
    There's one I really like, but cannot remember it in full.

    Ollie to Stan: You snake in the grass, you thief, you home wrecker, you oaf, you, you, you ..............etc."
    Stan: "Now hold on just a minute, don't call me a you you."


    Love Stan & Olie!
    That type of humor never dates

    The one when they're both sitting in a bar and the public pay phone rings and Stan answers it and simply says "it sure is" and puts the phone straight down. He then returns to Ollie who says "who was that then?" And Stan replies "it was just someone saying that it was a long distance from Dallas". :w00t:
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