whats your favourite thing about christmas? and your worst

    well xmas day is a week away and this is probably most peoples most stressfull day of the year, so thought itd be nice to see peoples nice thoughts about xmas, and the worst, hopefully theres some funny ones

    my favourite thing about christmas is watching someone open a present that you've genuinely put alot of effort/thought into and seeing them genuinely thrilled with it

    dunno what my worst is, probably getting vile xmas jumpers and being expected to wear it all day when u really want2 wear something pretty

    merry christmas xx


    Fav = making christmas dinner and enjoying all the great nosh with family

    Worst = the commercialism of it all

    My favourite thing about Christmas is everyone just spending fun time together, my worst thing is that there are some people who are no longer here to share it.
    Merry Christmas, I want photo's of 'that' present being opened lol!! x

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    Worst = the commercialism of it all[/QUOTE]

    too true, I quite often make pacts to just see what silly pressie we can get for say £5, it makes it much more fun, and doesnt clean out your bank. seems much more personal that way, not just who can buy the most fabulous expensive gift. some of the best gifts are the ones that cost nothing, or next to nothing but really mean alot

    favourite; those cheesy christmas films we pretend to hate, but love to watch like Home Alone

    worst; the Christmas Day washing up

    Best - seeing family and having a laugh...

    worst - when it ends.

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    favourite; those cheesy christmas films we pretend to hate, but love to … favourite; those cheesy christmas films we pretend to hate, but love to watch like Home Aloneworst; the Christmas Day washing up

    yes, i think investing in a dishwasher is a good call for that, but its still a bllache rinsing everything off and loading it

    and I love cheesy xmas movies, and the ones they have on new year
    infact, the disney channel has been showing loadsa films I havnt watched in ages, so I got to watch Hercules and The Hunchback of Notre Dame straight after each other, it was ace, they dont really show the gooduns the rest of the year

    oh n whens the muppets xmas movie on? I mised it last year
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