What's Your Name Mean?…mp;

    - acecatcher3


    My name wasn't on there, but it was spot on with the rest of my family (including the dog!).


    can't believe selina isn't on there!! selena's there tho and it's quite accurate - spooky :shock:

    lol at the dog My dog's name isn't there... :roll:

    My whole name is me :shock: but my shortened name definitely isn't :roll: I also put in my middle name. Don't know how they do it, but I reckon most of it is right...

    Original Poster

    Mine was there and it was dead on................scary........ :shock:

    Mine wasn't, but my name is Shyam - it means evening :wink:

    So should we say "Evenin' Evening"?

    It's a cool name, where does it originate from?
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