whatsapp on ipod touch

    Anyone know the trick to get whatsapp working on ipod touch 4g.

    I saw reference to it recently but would appreciate a link or a step by step guide.



    Jailbreak it first, then download it from installous


    That'll make it work on ipads as well by the way.

    I got into a bit of a row with the dev ages ago. Really is a stupidly pointless limitation based on the devs vision of a bbm type system using phone numbers.


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    Thanks will give it ago in the morning

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    Hi does this still work on latest whatsapp version ?

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    Thanks how do I get plist editor pro to browse ipa as getting error messages so far


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    Thanks I just changed it to zip file and back.


    If you get it from Installious it will remove it everytime you sync with … If you get it from Installious it will remove it everytime you sync with itunes. There is a fairly easy work around I've done which makes it iPod Touch compatible so it syncs with itunes fine.Unfortunately I'm away till Tuesday so can't get to my PC where info is, will have a quick google.

    Thats long, what I do is on iTunes - uncheck automatically sync whatever on the ipod settings

    Then under file it says "transfer purchases" - Click it twice just to make sure everything moves over,

    Sync iPod, all apps are there
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