What've you bought from DealExtreme recently?

    Well over the last five minutes I bought:

    EZ Flash V 3in1
    Motorola V980 Compatible charger
    V980 Compatible Battery
    Palm Data Cable that loks tyhe same as Moto one. (I hopez it workz! lol)

    and the other day I went and bought another red laser.

    I ought to stop spending there!


    dont use the cable. i bought the shuffle data cable and it burned my power supply, something in there must have caused it to short circuit!just a word of warning!

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    U sure? How the hell does it work with a shuffle though?

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    I bought a silver & white watch for about £3.50 delivered and I absolutely love it. Been wearing it the last couple of weeks.

    More recently - Got 2 watches for my dad. DSTT for someone up the road, heart shaped locket clock for the missus, alarm clock (POS didn't work properly though) and a couple of mario mushrooms on springs - green one for my car and red for my missus'.

    Received a DSTT and 2gb memory card from them earlier in the week and I am well pleased. :thumbsup:
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