Wheel alignment and Balancing

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Found 8th Apr 2009
I think i need to get my wheels aligned and balanced. But i would like to know how much it normally costs so i don't get ripped off. Also if there are better garages that have newer or better systems that are more accurate. Thanks



try Kwik-Fit


try Kwik-Fit

He said he didn't want to get ripped off - i would not recomend Kwik Fit.
My car had an oil change and the wally doing it let the sump plug undone, good job i checked otherwise i would have lost the engine!

Phone round your local tyre companies and get a qoute.

Just checked my local car tyre sales £20 4 tryes balanced and tracking done.

Balancing is usually pretty cheap. My local garage only charges for the weights which come to a few pound at the most.
As for tracking or aligned I couldn't tell you, sorry.

I paid £5.70 for a wheel to be tracked and balanced last weekend. I think £5-£6 per wheel is about average.

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Thank you all guys so no more than £5 a wheel for both balancing and tracking.

Wheel alignment is more expensive & it does depend on where you live as well.

Just had mine done a check would have cost £13 if nothing needed changing, if the front needs doing it was £25 & if front & rear needed adjusting then it was £48

I was advised to use a company that uses the Hunter machine & you can find your nearest one here & get 5% discount as well alignmycar.co.uk/

Be aware though that you will need to ring around I rang one and was quoted over £150!
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