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HI would like someone with knowledge to identify what Letter key i need. This is for a VW polo 2011. I have contacted the dealer who has quoted me £150 to change the key, as they don't provide just the key it self. On eBay they sell keys but i need to know the exact 3 digits or letter which i don't. I have provided images. I bought this car but never came with the locking key, guessing the last owner has lost it.



Unsure which Locking Wheel Bolt Key you need?

Don't worry! Just email us a clear picture of your existing wheel bolt or locking key to the email address in the header above. Alternatively, you can call in to our Mansfield Road Nottingham Parts Department with your vehicle and we should be able to identify which key is required.

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I had a similar problem when a garage shattered the locking wheel nut key trying to release a siezed wheel bolt. I took the car to my local VW dealer where the service manager produced a set of all their existing keys. He was able to find the match from mine in his set and remove the bolts for me and replaced them with non locking bolts for about £12 from memory (no charge for removing the bolts). Car is 10 years old now so didn't feel the need to replace with locking wheel bolts. In either case if your local dealer has the same master set then they should be able to identify the correct key.

Hope this helps, or maybe I should say I hope your local dealer is a helpful as mine!

we had a huge issue with locking wheel nut. hubby forgot to pick it up from ground and when we realised months later it was gone. nearest dealer was over 40 miles away and Tyre needed changing. ending using a quick fix. took car to local engineer and they welded a normal bolt over out and we removed them that way. car just has standard nuts on it now.

vw said £85 to help

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Just been in contact with an eBay seller who can provide the replacement key for £25, sent the photo over they identified which one i needed. Im guessing my local dealer is a ****
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Anyone know of a similar Eaby seller that deals with none VW bolts? I've just found that when I had my last tyre change they forget to put the key back!

There are several options for a lost key. First is welding nuts but this can mark the wheel. I have a tool kit which basically is blank keys which you batter over the nut and it forms the shape of your existing nut and it forms the shape and removes the nut. I would charge 10-20 pounds per wheel depending how easily they come off. Reason being the kit is 200 to buy and the inserts are single use and cost 5-10 to replace

Best bet once theyre off is put normal bolts in first thing i do when i get a car is sling the lockers

Locking wheelnut removal tools are approx £10 on ebay. Far cheaper buying a new set than sourcing a replacement key
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