Wheel on mousepad on laptop has stopped working?

    Hi everyone
    Can anyone tell me how to get my wheel working again on the mouse pad?
    It was fine a few mins ago and now nothing?
    I went into mouse in control panel and applied how many scrolls to go down but still no joy?
    I did have an error message at first to say "unable to connect to Synaptics"?
    It has also changed to American keyboard and although I went into languages to change to UK it is still working on USA and I am having to find all my symbols!!!

    Oh and does anyone know where I can get a cheap adaptor for my HP Compaq6715s as he tried to fix mine but it is now worse than before and as soon as the tape he put on bends I lose my power................

    Yep I have just had a load of stuff installed by a computer chap but cannot get hold of him..................


    for gods sake, don't ever, ever, ever look too closely at your mouse wheel....minging does not even come close. Just buy a new one.

    Klewless Sprung Tomind

    i have a HP charger model no 381090-001. your should have a sticker on in the same format,can you see what it is ?

    Original Poster

    Hi Tony
    The sticker is missing first 2 numbers but I think the number is 146421-921
    Does that raptorcigs know I am on about a laptop pad mouse do you think or is he always just rude?
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