Wheel Trim

    Need a hubcap/wheel trim thing for my nissan micra MK2. looked around for those, wondering if you guys could find anything nice and cheap.


    Have you tried ebay as I have seen wheel trims going pretty cheap there?

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    Don't really like ebay, and their delivery is insane.

    halfords ?>?

    Fair enough. Just a thought

    Do you have any car breakers near as you could possibly try there.

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    yeah they charge more or less £20-£30. just wondered if i could get some nice and cheap ones (as the ones in shops arn't really anything special)

    Some choices ]here.

    No cheapys though, be lucky to pay under £5 a wheel IMO.

    [SIZE=2]i paid 12.99 for mine last year.... i got a m reg micra.... it was for four..... i think it was a small local shop... altho one fell of yesterday[/SIZE]

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    nice thats what im looking for, thanks! (i also have M reg btw)

    your best bet is your local shops... avoid going direct to Nissan.... they are bar-stewards and want £60 for four.
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