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Posted 16th Aug 2014
Does anyone know of a wheelie bin lock (to stop other people from using your wheelie bin) which doesn't require drilling?

I live in flats where each resident has their own wheelie bin - just a bog-standard wheelie bin. I got a new replacement bin a few months back and I keep it spotlessly clean - I give it a wipe every 2 weeks after emptying and also use a wheelie bin liner (I also give the outside a little skoosh of Mr Sheen too

Someone has taken to dumping their stinking bags of rubbish (really smelly...yuk) in my bin. Today I opened the bin to put a liner in, which should have been empty, and found another revolting bag and the bottom of the bin was crawling with goodness knows what - wriggly things bigger than maggots and absolutely horrible. I had to empty the bin and wash it out with boiling water and bleach which wasn't the best job for Saturday teatime!

I have seen bin locks which need drilling (not sure how to do that) and also saw one which clips on but it sticks up above the bin lid and my bin nest is only the same height as the bin so I can't have anything higher.

Any suggestions to keep this manky moron out my bin?
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