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I heard on the radio a few months ago that you have to submit info i.e. why you are going etc prior to the flight. Ive just booked flights but the airline hasnt said anything to me about it, anybody know what the score is?


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when i went a few months back i just had to fill in a few forms on the plane, saying where im staying, how long for? etc, they only had French ones left EEK lol so i had to wait till i got to USA. but it was all good.

so if there the forms you talking about you should be fine. no worries at all.


Hi did the popular trip
Las Vegas ..... Hawaii..... San Francisco not to long ago no paperwork extra needed.Only standard as everywhere while on plane I think.
Only thing customes made extra checks we were search every airport except homeward.
Our Tickets and boarding cards mark SP IN RED
It was a pain.

Actually, you still have to fill in the waiver cards on the flight as well, but this is equally necessary.


this is to replace the waver cards you filled in during the flight, if … this is to replace the waver cards you filled in during the flight, if you dont have them you may not gain entry in to the USA!

we did them but still had to do all the plane cards. we were not impressed :x LOL

vinylandtrinkets;5907518 need to … need to complete this online and print out the weaver. you have to do this at least 3 days before you travel, I would do it at leave 2/3 weeks before you leave incase theres a problemat the moment this is free to do so dont pay anyone for it

DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE! This is a con, there is no payment for an ESTA and I'd be worried you're giving them all your personal info. The proper website is below and it's free:

Once completed you should get an authorisation number, I'd advise printing it all out and taking it with you. When you're on the plane (or at the airport) you'll also have to fill out a Visa Waiver form which asks much the same questions, you need both the ESTA and the Visa Waiver form completed. When you enter the US you may be asked a ton of different questions to establish that you're not looking for a wife or get married.


A friend recently almost got caught out by it, if you read their 'about us' you'll see they have nothing to do with the US government - there's quite a few of these sites, you need to make sure it's the proper .gov one



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