When are GT Aggressors likely to be back on offer at Halfords?

Found 6th Jul 2010
Quite fancy the 09 XCR which is currently £780, but have seen people have had it 20% off making it £624, plus with the 10% codes floating around it could be had for about £560, don't really fancy paying full price after seeing how cheap people have had it for haha wouldn't even mind the XC2 or XC1 on deal either if it came down to it. If not does anyone know of any similar spec'd bikes that could be had for the GT offer prices? Cheers
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Perhaps not exactly what your after but if your employer is part of the government cycle to work scheme you could get the bike for around the £460 mark.

Take a look here
Avoid Halfords like the plague.

Bikes built by spotty school kids deemed experts by an older spotty uni attendee.

Poor quality.

Get yourself to a shop like Evans cycles ( only nationwide one I can think of, my local bike shop is spot on solid rock cycles, well kinda local, Glasgow area)

Halfords always seem to have the same bikes on the same deals, where you can get a lot more for your money elsewhere. Never mind the cycle to work scheme.
I'm out of employment relatively soon so don't think that would work out, but might be something to think about if I haven't got a bike by the time I get another job, well if I can get another job these days haha

and have heard a mix of things about Halfords, and all the local bike stores (Plymouth) seem quite dear for what you get, I'll have a look at Evans cycles because they deliver don't they? and what about getting a bike delivered by Halfords and getting someone who knows what they're doing to build it? or have they (Halfords staff) already had their way with it by then? Can you recommend any decent bikes for a similar price? Cheers for your replies
Halfords built a bike for me years ago, there was an issue. It then went for its ''free'' service, and they didnt fix it. Ended up taking it elsewhere.

Halfords is good for off the shelf stuff, and roof racks. If they build you a bike, make sure you test it for shakes especially in the head unit at the forks/handlebars and the bottom bracket (between the pedals). I think thats the correct terminology.
I see, does sound like they don't bother to employ people who actually know what they're doing, cheers for your help
Nothing wrong with the bikes from Halfords, just make sure you check it after they have touched it

K-gozz ask your question on here..


lots of happy Halfords customers...who actually know what they are talking about.

K-gozz ask your question on … K-gozz ask your question on here..http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/index.php?c=3lots of happy Halfords customers...who actually know what they are talking about.

Halfords and happy customers dont go. Maybe if someone from Bikeradar (which I use) worked in halfords, their bike building would improve. As well as their customer service.

Was only a heads up, because if the price is right of course you will use halfords, but beware.
Cheers for all your help
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