When are these statutory rights coming?

Found 14th Jul 2014
Please can some one inform me about the proposed update of statutory rights. It was said that the following would take affect:

Consumers have 14 calendar days to change their minds and return the goods for any reason
Period for refunding consumers is cut to 14 days
And a few other things!

I read this

"When does the Directive come into force?
It is expected that the EU Council of Ministers will approve the text of the Directive in autumn 2011. It will then be published in the Official Journal. Following this the UK will have two years (currently anticipated to be Autumn 2013) to implement the Directive under UK law. This will either be done by amending the current Distance Selling Regulations or repealing them and introducing new laws to cover the elements of the Directive."

However I want some confirmation if this has come into affect already, is coming in to affect soon or has changed since?

Thanks in advance and help will be appreciated.

I trade alot online so it is import for me to understand my rights.

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Last Month13th June … Last Month13th June 2014http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations

Excellent, thank you. I did think their was a clause that stated something like businesses have 6 months to implement these terms first though? Am I wrong or have they taken effect immediately?



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