When are you statutory rights ever affected?

    I read on most things mainly on items for sale: Non-returnable under our Approval Guarantee once assembled. Your statutory rights are not affected.

    But when are your statutory rights ever affected and what does it actually mean?


    Think it means something like they won't take it back because you dont want it. But if its faulty then they have to

    Statutory Rights are those that are protected by the law, ]see here. Quite often a seller will offer additional protection to the customer, these are not protected by law, an example is the exchange of something received as a gift. Other times they might have a sign that says no refunds on sale items, however your Statutory rights will say otherwise.

    in consumer law they are never affected, it is not possible to opt out of them.
    in other areas of law such as employment it is possible to opt out of them.
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