When argos says an offer ends, does it end when the store closes or on that day before the store opens?

Found 8th Dec 2013
I want to get something but it says the offer ends on the 24th of December, so does it end when the store closes on the 24th or before the store opens? THIS IS ONLY FOR ARGOS, NOT OTHER STORES. Please have an example.

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Ends at close of trade on 24th.

i think it means it ends on that exact day hun, maybe call the store tomorrow to double check but im pretty sure x

get it on the 23rd x

But they can end the offer early if they wish, without notice.

I think it usually end of trade like juicyseagull says

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Well, i am working tomorrow so it is not possible, but i have emailed them to ask. Thanks for the help

usually (it was 10 years ago i worked for argos) it would be close of business on that day so probably about 4pm on the 24th.

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it's ok i fixed the problem, i shall be purchasing it tomorrow
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