When Broadband Contracts End, Does The Price Increase Significantly, If You Renew?

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I have been on the SSE £21 deal for phone anytime plan/line rental and 76mb Fibre broadband 18 month deal, since June 2016. When the contract runs out around xmas time this year, will I be be able to extend this deal at this price or do SSE increase the price at the end of the contract themselves and ask me whether I want to keep the service?

I have been very happy with the price and service given by SSE and for the first time ever, would be happy to continue with a broadband provider, without feeling the need to change provider once the contract ends, unless there was to be a significant price increase come xmas time.

Has anyone any experience of being a long term customer with SSE?
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Appears to be no increase. We're on month 24 of an 18 month offer and still paying the same. They may have overlooked us though?
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Both my latest contracts the contract carried on going after the end date and price jumped up by about £15. I didn't notice for a couple of months but when I did I rang them. They told me it's normal and wouldn't refund me the difference. I'm sure I never had this happen before but maybe I upgraded before the end date.
So definatley ring them to upgrade or state you want to carry on using what you have at same price and they will give you the same price just renew it I'm with EE
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no increase with broadband from experience
depends whether you were on a time limited offer or not - once the discount period ends then it would go up. otherwise, it will continue at the same price
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