When BT install fibre optic in my area, will I be able to get broadband from virgin?

    Hi, BT is installing fibre optic in my are soon, they told be this month, but on their website it says next month. Anyway when fibre optic is available in my area, will i be able to sign up to virgin fibre optic or other companies, or will this be exclusive to BT as they are the ones who spent the money connecting it?

    Does anyone know if Sky or o2 or any other company will be able to utilise BT's fibre optic cables?



    Virgin isn't fibre to the home either. It also only goes to the cabinet. The difference is Virgin uses Co-ax to the house rather than the Twisted Pair that BT uses.


    thats like asking can i buy a big mac in burger king

    There are a few companies out there that are reselling BT's fibre (IDnet and Zen for example), although I think o2/Sky won't be participating any time soon. OFCOM are allowing BT to resell their fibre product at a profit to encourage them to get more exchanges enabled. So a large company like o2 and Sky would start eating into their own profit margins if they offered Fibre, likely BT would make more from it than they would if they wanted to stay competitive.

    They say they are looking into their own solution without BT, but time will tell whether this is even true or not. If enough customers keep switching to Fibre it will be only a matter of time until they have to jump on the bandwagon just to keep hold of those existing customers and stop them from migrating away.

    Also as far as I am aware, to hook up to fibre an engineer needs to visit and you have BT hardware installed. I am sure big firms would prefer they could have their own hardware installed, with their own logos and without the use of engineers from BT (ie. like ADSL now where you get a welcome package in the post).

    As far as I know the new sites are all getting fttp.
    Where it is going to be available to the cab there was talk of customers paying extra if they wanted it the the home.



    in my are soon

    I hope there's an "A" missing and not a "S"

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    i saw something about fttp and something else which had a similar name, what is the difference/which one is better? And which one does BT have?

    Thanks everyone for ur comments, except dunfyboy!

    FTTP and FTTC. Fibre to the Property/Pavement/Premises same as FTTH, Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Cabinet. FTTP is better as it is fibre from end to end, whereas FTTC is fibre from the exchange to the green cabinets you see on the street. From the cabinets to your house is just copper so it adds noise to the line which decreases the speed.

    BT do FTTC, same as Virgin. It is a lot cheaper obviously and the speeds received are very good considering what most of us have now. FTTP is what most big businesses will have and isn't really a realistic option for most of us. Unless of course you move into a property that has it already or pay thousands to have it installed.
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    No, Virgin use their own network which is Fibre to the home, BT's is … No, Virgin use their own network which is Fibre to the home, BT's is fibre to the cabinet, and other companies will be able to use it but don't think any are atm, as far as I know talk talk will be leading the way again and be the first to use it just like they were with ADSL2+.

    Actually, Be were the first UK company to use ADSL2+ not Talk Talk.
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