When did Dairylea Dunkers get so tasteless and boring?

    Just had one, was looking forward to it, now I feel cheated, might have a Mars Bar to get over the shock.



    Have two! ... and a coffee x x

    Im certain dairylea tasted better when I was kid-just tastes disgusting now.

    I used to love Dairylea as a kid - think it's awful now... I bet it was full of E numbers and stuff they've decided is bad for you now, lol!

    Primula, on the other hand, is still delish! I'd buy that and some breadsticks / salt and vinegar chipsticks instead.... yum yum!

    Edit: Just noticed your name and avatar is Salt and Vinegar chipsticks, lol! Talk about subliminal messaging!

    do you think Mars bars are getting smaller?

    everything has gone down hill :-( have you tasted pot noodles recently......yuk!!!!
    its all this you cant have salt, you cant have too much sugar, damned government grrrrr

    The Fox;6027384

    do you think Mars bars are getting smaller?

    i dnt think, i know :lol: twixs too its pathetic :lol:

    Original Poster

    I bought a pack of 4, put one on show for DD, hid 2 deep in the fridge for a later date and sat down to have one, not had one in ages. yak, chucked half away and retrieved the other hidden 2 for DD to have. lol
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